Price, time and cycles.


“The difference between an excellent investment and a bad investment is reduced only to the entry and exit times “



«… for an investment, looking at price and time, it is much more risky to mistake the second than the first.»  William Delbert Gann

The primary objective for an investor must be:

  1. Understanding in which long-term cycle (bullish or
    bearish) is the instrument object of

2) Understand where the cycle is located;

3) Understanding at which point of the subcircuit is located
instrument subject to observation;


The cyclic analysis allows to identify the time in which two or more cycles are found in the same minimum. Cyclic synchrony is the purpose of this analysis, ie to find
the time when the investment reaches the best ratio Reward / Risk:

sincronia ciclica

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Remember, the price without time is useless !

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